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Best place to visit in America

In a country as beautiful and exciting as America it can be difficult to narrow down what amazing sites to see and what wonderful things to do. From world-renowned landmarks to big cities filled with towering skyscrapers, the amount of adventures is almost endless. We’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed down the best place to visit in America so pack your bags and let take a quick tour of majestic Monument Valley.

Monument Valley, Utah

There’s a reason why adventure seekers, outdoor enthusiasts, Hollywood filmmakers and families all over the world visit the wonderful slice of America called Monument Valley. The natural wonders, rich southwestern culture and wonderful people make Monument Valley a place you truly need to experience.

This area is the sacred heart of the Navajo Nation and is influenced in every way by the amazing and inspiring Native American culture. Untouched by the modernizations of larger more urban cities, Monument Valley still has an incredibly warm and all natural feel that you’ll absolutely come to love. The people of Monument Valley are kind, welcoming and always happy to share a bit of their deep-rooted tradition with visitors.

The most amazing thing about Monument Valley is it’s absolutely breathtaking scenery. The valley is filled with iconic arches, exquisite buttes and colossal sprawling mountains that you have to see in person to believe. The 17-mile stretch passes through magnificent landscapes such as Mitten Buttes, Three Sisters, Yei-bi-chai, North Window, and the famous Totem Pole. Goulding’s guided tours will take you to each of these gorgeous locations and many more that can only be discovered through professionally guided tours.

Monument Valley’s Hollywood roots run deep. Providing the backdrop for classic films such as Stagecoach, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Forrest Gump and many others, Monument Valley serves as one of the world’s most popular locations for classic American westerns.

When you experience the larger than life surroundings provided by Monument Valley you’ll quickly understand why producers and film studios have been so in love with the area. Walking in the same steps as legends like John Wayne, Johnnie Depp, and Armie Hammer may even make you feel like a superstar yourself.

The southwestern Navajo inspired cuisine available in Monument Valley will make your trip even sweeter. Goulding’s Stagecoach restaurant is a perfect example of the deliciousness the area has to offer. The combo of mouth-watering southwestern inspired cuisine and beautiful panoramic views makes Goulding’s own Stagecoach restaurant a necessary stop on your adventure through Monument Valley.

Goulding’s Resort and tours are nestled in the heart of Monument Valley and are the perfect way to explore all the wonderful things the area has to offer. Goulding’s has been synonymous with Monument Valley since the 1920s and we know the land better than anyone else.

America is perfect for fun, excitement, and adventure making it a must to come visit. Goulding’s convenient southwestern location is surrounded by so many of the beautiful landmarks the country has to offer so book your stay today and let the adventure begin.