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Where to eat near Bluff, UT

Less than an hour north of Goulding’s resort and tours is the gorgeous town of Bluff, Utah. This scenic river valley is nestled between sandstone bluffs and the San Juan River on the trail of the ancient scenic byway. Iconic landscapes, a beautiful flowing river and rich Navajo culture make Bluff, Utah a premier destination for those who love the outdoors.

A big part of any vacation is the cuisine that comes along with it. A trip to any state isn’t complete without sampling the local fare and getting so full you want to head back to your room and take a well-deserved nap.

Let’s see what Bluff Utah has on the menu of places to eat by giving you the run down on the best eatery near Bluff, Utah.


Goulding’s Stagecoach dining room.

Where else near Bluff can you get a sumptuous old fashioned Navajo taco and a delicious fresh-made cinnamon roll at the same time? Delicious Southwestern cuisine mixed with Native Navajo inspired dishes really makes Stagecoach a premiere place to eat near Bluff, Utah. 

The menu is packed with appetizing options that are certain to satisfy just about any taste. The breakfast menu offers lighter options such as the oatmeal supreme, a healthy serving of oatmeal topped with fat-free yogurt, fruit, raisins and brown sugar as well classic meals like steak and eggs or a variety of eggs prepared in various southwestern fashions.

The lunch and dinner menus offer the same wide variety of dishes which makes Stagecoach an easy choice for families with different tastes. From the Chef’s Salad to the classic New York strip, each meal is hand prepared by a team of expert chefs and is sure to satisfy.

There are even some delicious vegetarian options as well. The vegetarian southwestern stir fry is loaded with vegetables and pineapple, over a mound of herbal rice and noodles, eggroll and there’s even a fortune cookie included. 

Stagecoach also offers gorgeous scenery for you to enjoy while dining. The panoramic views of the surrounding cliffs and teetering structures provide the perfect backdrop for your dining experience. You haven’t really experienced true southwestern dining until you have the golden sun slowly disappearing behind the mountains while you enjoy some of the finest cuisine the area has to offer.

Goulding’s Stagecoach dining room is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner making the less than 50-minute commute from Bluff well worth it any time of the day. As if the food, views and convenient location weren’t good enough, Goulding’s tops it all off with an incredibly friendly, helpful and accommodating staff.

All of this combined makes Goulding’s Stagecoach dining room the number one place to eat near Bluff, Utah.


Grabbing a bite to eat at Goulding’s Stagecoach restaurant will make your stay at Goulding’s that much sweeter. So don’t forget to pack your appetite when you come visit because nothing goes better with the comfort of Goulding’s than some good old fashioned comfort food.