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Where to eat near Mexican Hat, UT

Named after a very unique rock formation nestled in its borders, Mexican Hat is known for its exceptional scenery and rich Navajo tradition. The small settlement located just outside of Monument Valley is home to fewer than 100 residents and is filled with sandstone cliffs, deep layered canyons, and gorgeous red rock buttes. The beautiful scenic sandstone valley of the gods and the flowing San Juan River are 2 of the area’s biggest attractions but the area in itself is an amazing wide-open landscape anyone can appreciate.

Mexican Hat is well within an easy driving range of Goulding’s resort and tours which makes it an absolute must-see destination during your stay with us.

You don’t want to take in all the exceptional scenery on an empty stomach so let’s take a detour and explore some of the best places to eat neat Mexican Hat.

Goulding’s Stagecoach dining room.

The Navajo taco alone is enough reason for our very own Goulding’s Stagecoach dining room to make the list. Delicious Southwestern cuisine mixed with Native Navajo inspired dishes really makes Stagecoach a premiere place to eat near Mexican Hat. 

Stagecoach’s 3 separate menus all have plenty of options to choose from, making finding something for even the pickiest eaters almost guaranteed. The dinner menu features everything from classic American comfort food to the delicious Navajo tacos that have helped make Goulding’s famous.

The assortment of steaks that Goulding’s offers is quite impressive. From the 16 oz, T-bone appropriately named the cowboy cut to the Harry Goulding cut, each of these steaks are juicy, flavorful and prepared exactly the way you want it.

Stagecoach also offers gorgeous scenery for you to enjoy while dining. The panoramic views of the surrounding cliffs and teetering structures provide the perfect backdrop for your dining experience.

Imagine enjoying a deliciously warm and juicy steak while immersed in the gorgeous landscape that can only be provided by the magical natural wonders in the southwestern US.

Goulding’s Stagecoach dining room is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner making the less than 25-minute commute well worth it any time of the day. Our breakfast and lunch are great ways to get you geared up and give you the energy you need to fully enjoy our guided tours. Our dinner menu is a great way to celebrate a day well spent discovering the jaw-dropping landscape. 

As if the food, views and convenient location weren’t good enough, Goulding’s tops it all off with an incredibly friendly, helpful and accommodating staff.

All of this combined makes Goulding’s Stagecoach dining room the number one place to eat near Mexican Hat.


Your stay at Goulding’s resort and tours won’t be complete without eating until your belly is full and your heart is content so don’t forget to pack your appetite when you come visit us.

Book your stay at Goulding’s now and get ready to discover the best cuisine the southwest has to offer!