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More than just a place to stay in Monument Valley

Goulding’s IS Monument Valley, with so many attractions located right on the expansive property. Explore the sandstone structures along exclusive hiking trails, just steps from your villa, room or campsite. Glimpse into the past at the Goulding’s Trading Post Museum, where you can learn about the rich Navajo culture and how Western films got their start here.

Speaking of Westerns, catch your favorite John Wayne movie in the Earth Spirit Theater. Then get to know the local culture through Navajo demonstrations at the Hogan. Don’t forget to commemorate your visit at the Yellow Ribbon gift shop! And if you want to share these memories with family, friends or co-workers, why not host your wedding or event right here at Goulding’s in the heart of Monument Valley?


Goulding's Museum

Goulding’s Lodge dates back to the early 20th century when it started as a trading post in just tents. Much has changed over the last century, and it’s all documented in the Goulding’s Trading Post Museum. From the Navajo culture to the movie memorabilia, learn how Monument Valley became one of the top iconic southwestern destinations.

Gift Shop

Your Monument Valley journey would not be complete without a memento from the Yellow Ribbon gift shop. Choose from handmade Native American jewelry, pottery, rugs and more - all guaranteed to be authentic and locally or regionally made. Traditional souvenirs, like t-shirts, mugs, books, and movies, are also available.

Earth Spirit Theater

John Ford and John Wayne helped to put Monument Valley on the map. After a day of sightseeing, why not sit back, relax and watch an iconic Western film in the Earth Spirit Theater. Or take in one of the documentaries to learn more about the geology of the area and the Navajo culture.

Hiking Trails

Goulding’s Lodge is centrally located right in the heart of Monument Valley. The sandstone structures, mesas, cliffs, and pathways not only surround the property but are also part of the property. Just steps from your room you’ll find exclusive hiking trails to explore that offer unique vantage points of the Valley.

Navajo Culture

Goulding’s was built with help from the local Navajo people and their handmade goods. Today, we honor their heritage and beautiful culture by showcasing their talents in the Hogan located on the property. Every day a local Navajo woman weaves her blankets here while describing the history and process. Navajo musicians also gather to play flutes, drums, and other instruments.

Weddings & Events

Whether you’re hosting an intimate destination wedding or a unique team building retreat, Goulding’s offers serenity among breathtaking beauty. The stunning surroundings and Native American hospitality are sure to make a big impact for weddings, social events, and corporate meetings. Contact Goulding's for availability, packages, and more information.