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Help Save Some Southwest History at Goulding’s Museum

The Original Trading Post, an iconic museum full of rich heritage, has served as a source of education and wonder for countless tourists, sharing the stories and artifacts of the past. Established in 1989, it’s a treasure trove of artifacts and a journey into history.

Step Inside the Goulding’s Trading Post Museum

The Trading Post Bull Pen

This was where the community came to exchange goods for life’s essentials, from kitchenware to canned goods to fabric, threads, and even firearms. Among the original artifacts, aged scales stand as a witness to the trade of yesteryears. 

The Ware Room

Venture further into the ware room, once brimming with supplies like raw wool, coffee crates, and saddles. Today, its gallery is adorned with pictures of Goulding’s early days and the vivid tapestry of 20th-century Navajo life. Marvel at the intricate historical pottery and crafts hailing from diverse Navajo American tribes.

The Josef Muench Room

Immerse yourself in the artistry of the Josef Muench Room, a treasure trove of captivating art and photography. This space pays homage to Josef Muench, the renowned photographer. Munich’s lens captured the essence of the landscape, catching the eye of director John Ford. 

The Movie Room

Experience the Movie Room, which once served as the crew mess hall for The Havey Girls. Today it’s a shrine to Hollywood’s Golden Age, adorned with stills, call sheets, posters, and memorabilia. Delve into the legacy of Monument Valley’s starring role on the silver screen as a detailed topographical map highlights the iconic movie locations that have been etched in history.

The Living Quarters

Ascend to the Living Quarters, where the innate charm of southwestern life comes alive. This space has been lovingly restored to echo the ambiance of the Gouldings’ home in the late 1940s, offering a glimpse into their world. 

Captain Nathan Brittles Cabin

Beyond the museum awaits the Captain Nathan Brittles Cabin, affectionately known as “John Wayne’s Cabin.” Originally a potato cellar, this space transformed into the exterior backdrop of the commanding officer’s quarters in the iconic 1949 file She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, with John Wayne in the lead.

The Goulding’s Trading Post Museum Mission

Step into our world, where we invite you to uncover a way of life that time is gradually reclaiming. We aim to engage and delight you with a glimpse of a fading past – a realm where traditions and stories from yesteryear come to life before your eyes.

We are passionately committed to nurturing a deep understanding and genuine reverence for our cherished Navajo community’s vibrant culture and timeless traditions. During this extraordinary experience, you become a bridge between eras, linking the past with the present. 

At Goulding’s Museum and Trading Post, we don’t just curate artifacts; we curate connections. Our mission is to ensure that invaluable legacies of the past persist, thriving in the hearts and minds of each visitor who joins us.

We Need Your Help

Time has taken its toll, and we now face the pressing need for historical restoration to safeguard this invaluable building. We need your help to save a piece of the past, enabling it to stand for many years to come. Your support, big or small, can make a real difference. 

Follow us on social media to see how your support is making things happen. We’ll share updates on what’s changing, what’s challenging, and the changes your contribution brings. 

You can make a difference, ensuring the memories and treasures within these walls continue to enlighten and captivate visitors for years to come. Join us on this journey and donate today!