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Monument Valley Restaurant

Monument Valley Restaurant Dining Room

Goulding’s Resort’s Monument Valley restaurant has plenty of breathtaking views visible from the dining room.

Interestingly, it is not only the lodging services of Goulding’s Resort that are impressive but the on-premises Stagecoach Restaurant offers a unique experience as well. The eatery spot serves the best food in the area, preserving the heritage of Navajo culture. Both taste and the ambiance is ideal for reliving traditional Navajo culture. The menu of Stagecoach restaurant has a wide variety of American and continental food to treat your taste buds.

If you don’t want to miss out on the scrumptious delicacies of Navajo culture, you can find the best features of the restaurant here.

Monument Valley’s Stagecoach Restaurant

Located in the hillside above Goulding’s Resort, the Stagecoach Restaurant is designed with a great expanse of glass windows. The architectural structure of the restaurant offers the perfect view of Monument Valley and its impactful grandeur.

From the restaurant, you are engrossed into scenic views of mysterious mesas, giant yet attractive cliffs and once-over sight of towering structures. The restaurant also has spacious sitting, and mesmerizing ambiance to make its customers feel relaxed and comfortable.

What is on the Menu?

Whether you visit Stagecoach Restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner, (currently the restaurant is only open from 4:30pm – 8:30pm for take-out – check out our dinner menu) it offers a complete Navajo inspired menu with classic and delicious American cuisine. Not only this, but you can also enjoy authentic Southwestern cuisine, with a wide variety of vegetarian options. To experience the real Navajo taste, don’t miss out on the Navajo Taco – flat dough served with various toppings.

Why Should You Visit Stagecoach Restaurant?

Known for its panoramic views, courteous staff, and traditional Navajo cuisine, it is no doubt the best place to experience the culture and grace of Native Southwestern Americans. 

It is the awe-inspiring setting, history, mouth-watering Navajo recipes, and competent staff that make Stagecoach Restaurant a must-visit. Whether you stay at Goulding’s Resort for two-days or two-weeks, Goulding’s Stagecoach Restaurant offers you memorable dining experiences.

Thus, Stagecoach Restaurant is one of the key highlights of Monument Valley that makes your experience invaluable and unforgettable.

Visit the best restaurant in Monument Valley during your stay at Goulding’s Resort, call 866-313-9769 today or book online!