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Monument Valley Students Continue their Education, Thanks to Goulding’s Lodge Scholarships

2019 Goulding’s Senior Scholarship Winners:
Jasmine Stanley, Jeremiah Yazzie, Jeanna Holiday, Shastee Holliday, Ervianne Cly, Kaylin Bedonie, Rodrick Cly, Tristin Littlehat, Kaleo Atene, Kody Smith

Summer is here! And for many, it’s a time to relax and slow down. But for 10 Monument Valley High School students, it’s a time to prepare for their next adventure: college in the fall! Made possible in part by scholarships awarded by Goulding’s Lodge and owners, the LaFont family.

Goulding’s High School Senior Scholarship

After the LaFont family purchased Goulding’s Lodge in 1981, they quickly realized the importance of investing in the local community to ensure a capable workforce and strong community leaders. In 1990, the LaFonts established the Goulding’s Scholarship Program and began awarding scholarships exclusively to high school seniors graduating from Monument Valley High School.

To be eligible for the Monument Valley scholarship, students must meet and submit the following requirements:

  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Acceptance letter from a college or university
  • Personal essay answering a series of questions

This year, 10 students were awarded a total of $12,000 to use towards college or university tuition and costs.

Education is an invaluable resource to any community and an investment well made, according to the LaFonts. “When we purchased the Lodge and started investing in marketing, restoration, and development, we saw a gap,” said Goulding’s Lodge owner Roland LaFont. “The majority of the workforce are local and we wanted strong, smart, capable community leaders. Encouraging and investing in continued education is a win-win for everyone.”

Monument Valley Scholarships Continue

Goulding’s believes in supporting and improving the community, even after students graduate from high school. In 1994, the LaFont family started the Continuing Education Scholarship open to any Monument Valley resident enrolled in higher education – no matter age, school or path of study.

After students complete a semester in college with 12 credit hours or more, they are eligible for the scholarship. They just need to fill out an application, send in official college transcripts and show a class schedule of at least 12 credit hours. $250,000 is available annually for Monument Valley college students to continue their education.

The Goulding’s High School Senior Scholarship and Continuing Education Scholarship were the first scholarships dedicated solely to Monument Valley students, and a testament to the LaFont’s commitment to the local community and culture.

For more information on the Continuing Education Scholarship, contact Goulding’s Administration Office. For more information on the Goulding’s High School Senior Scholarship, see a counselor at Monument Valley High School.