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Here’s What You Should Be Looking for in a Monument Valley Resort

Monument Valley is known for its scenic views that represent the American West in so many Hollywood films. It’s positioned on the border between Utah and Arizona, and it forms a part of a Colorado Plateau that stands out because of its sandstone butte.

When making a trip to the beautiful location, it’s important that you plan your stay ahead of time. Now that the Monument Valley is gaining more popularity, more people from around the world want to make a trip to the famous landmark. So if you’re looking forward to making a trip, you should plan where you’ll be staying.

The kind of place you choose to stay at can have a positive effect on your visit to the Monument Valley. Here’s what you should look for at in a Monument Valley Resort, like Goulding’s Resort & Tours.

Fantastic Rooms

For starters, you’ll want great accommodation. Sure, some people can enjoy their trip no matter how bad the hotel is, but for others, it can really ruin the experience. In case you’re not sure what category you fit in, it’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, fantastic rooms with some comforts never hurt anyone.

Here at Goulding’s Resort & Tours, you can choose from a variety of different accommodations to suit your needs and budget, from beautiful rooms at the main hotel, to the Hillside Villas or even our luxury Red Rock Hill House. All of our rooms come with a private patio or balcony so guests can enjoy a spectacular view of the Monument Valley.

Breathtaking Tours

Monument Valley is a Tribal Park and is owned by the Navajo Nation. If you want to make a quick detour around all the main sites, the 17-mile loop is a great way to do that. However, if you want to go deeper and look at all the interesting sites inside the valley, you’ll need to take help from a guide.

So without a guided tour, you can’t go off the 17-mile loop. Goulding’s Resort & Tours offers a number of exclusive tours of the majestic Monument Valley with local Navajo tour guides.

At Goulding’s Resort & Tours, you can choose from a variety of different tours based on what time you’d like to experience the grandeur of Monument Valley. Whether you’d prefer the sunrise, sunset, or full moon expedition, you get a memorable tour around the beautiful sites of the valley, exactly the way you want it.

Plenty of Amenities 

A Monument Valley resort is only as good as the amenities it provides, more especially since you’re visiting a Tribal Park located on the Utah-Arizona border and you can’t skimp on the essentials. Access to things like a laundromat, grocery store, and a gas station are important. A convenience store and gas station with all the necessities means that you can easily grab a few things while you’re on the go. The grocery store is complete will fresh produce and goods so you can make your own delicious creations in case you stay at the villa or apartment.


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