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Things To Know Before Visiting Monument Valley Tribal Park

Visit Monument Valley and Three Sisters

Monument Valley is known for some of the most beautiful natural sights in America. It is one of those unusual parks that can cast a spell on their visitors with their stunning landscapes and breathtaking views. A lot of people visit Monument Valley Tribal Park for its tranquil environment and adventurous activities. The amenity-rich places like Goulding’s Resort & Tours have made the stay even more comfortable and exciting for people. Whether you want to stay in the resort, the Hillside Villas, Red Rock Luxury Home or the RV Park, Goulding’s has tons of resort-style amenities.
That is to say, exploring the interesting aspects of visiting Monument Valley Park becomes more exciting and fun with Goulding’s.

Here we listed some lesser-known facts to help you make the most of your visit to Monument Valley:

Another name for Monument Valley

You might know the place with the name of Monument Valley; it does have a traditional Navajo name “Tse Bii” Ndzisgaii. The name interprets as “Valley of Rocks.” The easy way to pronounce this name is Ze-Bi-N-Dis-Guy.

Monument Valley is part of the Navajo Nation

Another aspect that makes Monument Valley Park interesting is its history. The scenic landscape is a semi-autonomous part of the Navajo Nation, which is one of the largest native territories in America. The Navajo Nation runs its own judicial system and governance, however, it still follows the laws of the United States.

Monument Valley Tribal Park meets the boundary of Arizona

This is one of the reasons why we recommended booking Goulding’s for your visit to Monument Valley. The historical park has its borders with Arizona and Utah. Booking a guided tour with Goulding’s is the best way to explore fascinating and beautiful territories. Goulding’s guides can provide tons of insights about the local borders and related history. So have fun by jumping across the borderlines of states.

Don’t worry if you’re not a geologist

Being surrounded by the towering rocks may overwhelm you, but you do not have to be a geologist to explore this amazing place. From vivid colors to jaw-dropping shapes and formation, everything about Monument Valley Park is wonderful. Goulding’s Resort & Tours guides you through restricted routes to help you find the ideal viewpoints in the Monument Valley Park.

Don’t forget to visit Three Sisters

Although there is plenty of viewpoints while visiting Monument Valley Park on your pre-assigned route, Three Sisters (three giant rocks) are a perfect spot for photos and one of the best visiting centers.

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