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Monument Valley for First Time Visitors

First-time visitors to Monument Valley

First-time to Monument Valley? You’ll soon learn that photos don’t capture the beauty that you are in store for.

With panoramic vistas, sandstone buttes, and colossal mesas, Monument valley is one of the most iconic landscapes in the United States, if not the world. If you‘re traveling to this breathtakingly beautiful place for the first time, the scenic beauty will leave you spellbound.

You’ll be surprised to know how much there is to explore and enjoy by spending at least one full day here. You can enjoy scenic drives, historical spots, tribal parks, and quick excursions in the area on open-air tour trucks from Goulding’s Resort & Tours.

Here we have rounded up a few of the most amazing excursions that will help you explore this spectacular plateau; especially if you’re a first time visitor.

Trip to Monument Valley Tribal Park Loop

Commonly known as Valley drive, it is a 17-mile loop scenic drive that gives you a chance to visit some of the popular sites and places of Monument Valley. The dirt and gravel road typically starts from Monument Valley’s lobby and ends at the same place. If you don’t have a 4×4 vehicle, you do not have to worry because you can easily self-drive the loop in any car without any difficulty. It is because this bumpy and dusty road has a low-speed limit to allow you to get engrossed in the views and enjoy them.

Let us do the driving by booking one of our guided tours so you can focus on the majestic landscapes.

Explore Lower Monument Valley

This is the second loop that you take in the Valley drive, and it is only accessible when you schedule a tour. It takes you closer to the magnificent Totem pole. Plus, it takes you closer to the robust rock formations and the beautiful cliffs that many people miss out when they take only Valley drive. If you take a sunrise lower Monument Valley drive, it will add to your experience. Moreover, it makes watching the sunrise from the Monument Valley even more mesmerizing.

Mystery Valley

The popular tour offers visitors a three to four-hour excursion trip to see Anasazi and petroglyphs sites. If you love exploring cultures and their diversities, the tour to Mystery Valley is without a doubt an ideal choice for you.

Teardrop Arch

Teardrop Arch is an underrated destination. Once there, you can explore giant caves, hike mesas, and most importantly, get to experience the unique view of Monument Valley.  

Hunt’s Mesa

Another ultimate excursion that you can do in Monument Valley is Hunt’s Mesa. If you’re looking for an adventurous trip with unbelievable sunset views and fun campfire, don’t miss out on this destination in Monument Valley.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to behold for first-time visitors to Monument Valley. Let Goulding’s Resort & Tours ease some of your trip planning headaches with a guided tour through our magnificent Valley. Book today, we can’t wait to show you an unforgettable experience.

You can see all of these locations when you stay with us at Goulding’s Resort & Tours in Monument Valley, call 435-727-3231 today or book your room online!